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Birth Name: Tulisa Paulinea Contostavlos
Date of Birth: 13th July 1988
Nationality: British

Heritage: Greek/Cypriot/Irish
Born & Raised: Camden, London, UK
Height: 5’6″

Hair Colour: Naturally Brown (but sometimes goes blonde)

Eye Colour: Blue
Education: La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School & Haverstock Secondary School
Occupation: Musician /Actress
Label Signed To: Polydor Records (2007-2008), AATW (2008/present) Def Jam US (2010-present)

Mother: Ann (from the band Jeep in the 80’s)
Father: Steve (From the band Mungo Jerry, with his brother Bryon , dappys dad) 
Siblings: tula is an only child.

Favourite place to visit : Greece
Favourite colour: Pastel Colours
Favourite ice cream: Vanilla

Favourite Food : her Nan’s cooking
Any pets: Romeo , Sensei and Pluto  
Favourite TV show: TOWIE ( the only way is essex) 
Claim to Fame: Tulisa and her band were around in 2000, in 2006 they released their single “Ouch” which was featured on all major Uk music channels. Tulisa is the first youngest judge on xfactor (UK).

Current Projects
  • My Story So Far - Book
    Published 27th Sept 2012
  • New Album: The Female Boss
    Released: 26th November 2012
  • TFB Range – Clothing Line
    Released: 2012

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